Friday, April 9, 2010

Fresh VS. Pasteurized

Our entire family loves orange juice in the morning. Although we purchase the best store bought orange juice available it is still pasteurized, otherwise it would be spoiled by the time it reached our breakfast table. Pasteurization kills everything, including the good stuff. Did you know juice begins to lose its vitamin power after squeezing. Fresh citrus juice loses 20% of its vitamin C potency within 24 hours! I have researched juicers and they are quite pricey and bulky, I was in search of something quick, easy, and cheap, and I am excited to tell you I found out. Meet my new best friend the Cuisinart Juicer. At Bed Bath and Beyond it is$29.00 ($23.00 with the BB&B coupon). I am so happy it is one less packaged item I depend on at my grocery store.

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