Thursday, December 10, 2009

Confessions of a Syrupaholic

Okay so I admit there was one processed item lurking in my pantry that I just couldn't get rid off. The Log Cabin sugar free syrup loaded with artificial sweeteners and too many ingredients I could not pronounce. I love french toast and I figured out how to make it quick, healthy and oh so yummy but I just couldn't get used to the pure maple syrup, it was too sweet for me so every time I ate my beloved french toast I would with my guilty conscience pour the fake stuff over my healthy french toast. I have tried crushing berries but they were too tart and chunky, the berry syrups in the store are just as bad as the sugar free syrup, I tried recipes but it always consists of boiling the fruit and adding sugar which is pointless if your trying to eat healthy, I tried no syrup, but that was no fun, what was I to do? An then I one day I was reading in one of my RAW cookbooks about dates and how they are really healthy and the perfect natural sweetener, at Costco you can buy Medjool dates already pitted, I store them in an airtight container in my refrigerator and use them whenever you need a touch of sweetness.

So back to my syrup dilemma, dates combined with fresh fruit makes an amazing sauce for everything from french toast, pancakes, dessert topping, etc. I am so thrilled the combinations are endless and more important the fruit is kept in its natural, raw and healthy state.

Happy eating and goodbye processed food!!!

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