Sunday, December 6, 2009

Your Optimal Health

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After having Sidney I wanted to loose the 70+ lbs I gained so I started at Total Health and Fitness. Total Health taught me the importance of eating on a schedule as well as eating 6 times a day, for me I love it I always have fuel to get through the day and never feel like I am starving. Total Health also introduced me to weight training and cardio workouts because no matter how well you eat I believe exercise is the other half of a healthy lifestyle. I did loose the 70 lbs. and then some with Total Health but after a year of the diet I was burned out on steamed broccoli and chicken for dinner.

My father is a cyclist and introduced me to Nate Thomas, founder of Hakenya. Nate and his nutritionist at the time taught me how to change up my workouts, take recovery time for my body and how to incorporate good fats back into my diet. From Hakenya I learned flexibility from my rigid (yet effective) health plan from Total Health, their work is backed by an extensive education and based from a scientific standpoint not just standing on a scale.

After I had Lucie I gained 50 lbs. again but I felt I had the power to loose the weight on my own from a nutritional standpoint, I did get a trainer at my gym once a week to give my body an intense workout at least once a week. It's been 20 months since having Lucie and happily I have lost the weight again. For me it took a good year before I could zip of my beloved pre-pregnancy jeans but I believe loosing weight slowly, consistently and without the help of ANY diet or weight loss gimmicks is the only way to keep the lbs. off.

The only medical issue I deal with for now is my lack of thyroid production since I was 18 years old. It seems having two kids has changed hormone levels in my body yet again but I have an excellent doctor that well is actually a doctor. She can reason between natural and conventional medicine and has incredible knowledge when diagnosing problems.

So again not only are pure foods vital and important fuel for your body, fitness (working out smart) and ensuring your bodies functions are all alined and working efficiently are all keys to feeling your best!

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