Wednesday, January 13, 2010

RAW Food Fusion

Many of you have asked how to get started eating RAW foods, is it expensive, what do I buy and where do I start? Let me start by saying it is indeed overwhelming, I feel like I have only discovered the tip of the iceberg when it comes to learning about food and health. About 6 months ago after purchasing my first RAW cookbook and reading about how cooked food is less nutritious I went a little overboard and started eating as much RAW food as possible (let me clarify 100 % RAW lifestyle=vegan which I am not). My stomach starting getting really bloated and I didn't connect the two until my dad had a Dr. visit with our wonderful doctor (mentioned previously) and he explained this: Raw food has a cellulose structure around it, upon digestion if your stomach does not have enough acid to break that cellulose down than your body will not absorb the nutrients, hence me looking like I was pregnant! So while eating RAW food especially veggies it is really important to chew really well, pulse your veggies in a food processor to break it down (smoothies are an excellent choice), take an enzyme supplement to help break down the food, or lastly very lightly steam or sauté your veggies. I now feel like I have the best of both worlds and I eat my way which if you had to name it I would call it "RAW Food Fusion" and I feel great mentally and my weight is right where I want it. I am not willing to give up my morning latte which involves milk (vegans are animal bi-product free), omega 3 eggs, and fish and cheese on occasion. If you notice my French Toast recipe comibines RAW food elements with cooked. My suggestions to start moving toward concuming more RAW foods are:

1. Start by not buying any pre-packaged foods with the exception of the basics (milk, cheese, yogurt and bread). That will start weeding out all of the boxed food as well as cut down the gorcery bill.

2. Stop consuming white flour and refined sugars as well as limit your flour intake altogether.

3. The first investment is a Vita Mix Pro, I don't know how I lived without it.

4. I love dessert and RAW desserts are incredible, I can honestly say I can indulge a lot more than I used to with conventional desserts (perhaps daily sometimes) and I do not gain weight. With RAW desserts the nutrition absorption is not an issue because the ingredients are always put into the food processor or Vita Mix, moreover you are not dealing with vegetables. Start exploring RAW desserts, it is so much fun!!!

5. Along with RAW desserts, explore dressings and sauces too. These are again easy and will eliminate the need for store bought items.

Start with these steps and you will easily start the progression toward more RAW foods and feeling a lot better. More RAW Food Fusion recipes to come . . .

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