Thursday, March 4, 2010

Food, Inc.

I watched the documentary Food, Inc. last night and I have to say I am outraged and pissed off at the government, corporate America and well myself. I watched Fast Food Nation some time ago but honestly I closed my eyes when the animal segments were on. This time I forced myself to watch Food Inc. in its entirety (altough Jason said it was not nearly as revolting as Fast Food Nation). I am angry at myself for supporting animal cruelty, the degradation of our true American Farmer's, immigration, and buying into conventional American foods. You need to watch the movie to really understand what I am talking about, if you don't watch Fast Food Nation or Food, Inc. please know this:

Purchasing meat that is mass produced not only is unhealthy, but you, yes you are supporting animal cruelty that is LEGAL! Why is it legal because the government and large corporations have pushed technology, production, more, bigger, better, faster, cheaper before our eyes. We don't ask questions, we buy into branding that is drilled into our heads over and over ("Save Money, Live Better" - whatever), fault lies with us just as much as the government and corporate America.

I really thought I was in the know about organic vs. conventional but there is work to be done on my part, I read labels but I never paid attention to what really is in season, where did my meat come from, how far does my produce travel to reach my gorcery store, and yes the soybean is it good for you or not? In my opinion soybeans are being pushed for those that have denounced corn (guilty) and its biproducts, read my previous long winded February post about soybeans.

I pledge to purchase only meats that are farm raised in a cruelty free and organic environment.

I pledge to continue improving my grocery shopping to eliminate purchases that involve science, factories, large corporations, and ingredients I can't pronounce (most boxed and pre-packaged foods).

I pledge to teach my children (and whomever else wants to listen) that food, our bodies, animals, and our planet should be treated with respect.

*I am happy to loan out my copy for anyone that is interested (tax, interest and shipping apply J/K).

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